Product Review: River2Sea Double Plopper

Overall Rate: 6/10

“Cousin” to the River2Sea Whopper Plopper, the River2Sea Double Plopper (here on out referred to as the Double Plopper), has had a bad reputation in the fishing community due to the challenging retrieval technique needed to work properly. I have used the Double Plopper (and still use it minimally) and have caught largemouth bass and northern pike of all sizes, but retrieval technique is different from the Whopper Plopper, which anglers may be unaware of when making this purchase.

Product Description


Buzz props float.

Double the sound.

Double the bubble trail.

Slow retrieval.


Wire easily bends. I’m not sure where the wires have been manufactured, but it does not hold. If a fish by chance hits the wire instead of the props, then the wire will bend. Almost all the waterways that I fish have northern pikes and they are aggressive when it comes to topwater; just one hit on the wire from a pike and the Double Plopper will be ruined.

Tilts occasionally. The symmetry between the two buzz prop needs to be very tuned otherwise the lure will tilt if reeled. The tilting creates a weird wake and also turns a different direction as well, which can be annoying if you’re fishing in a lilypad/grassy environment where you’re trying to avoid snagging those plants.


Not weedless.

Low hookup ratio.

Overall Rate: 6/10

The Double Plopper will no doubt catch fish and big ones too. For the price, though, I would not purchase this lure because it does not hold up very well when the wires and props are hit on topwater.

Tips for the Double Plopper

If the Double Plopper is tilting, retrieve at a slower speed. Eventually, the lure will swim correctly.

The wires are cheap, but can be bent back by hand. Many buzzbaits in the market are the same way.

Attach a trailer hook to the Double Plopper. The lure is relatively big and sometimes fish will hit it at the front or bottom, or miss at the back. The trailer hook will ensure that a near miss at the back won’t be a near miss.

Rod tip up. The Double Plopper acts as a buzzbait, not a suspending lure. Keep the props and weight above water surface to create that bubbly noise/trail.

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