Topwater Lures

IMG_2294I began using topwater lures in 2014 when I was introduced to it by a friend. My first catch on a topwater lure, Heddon Torpedo, was a pike. After seeing the amazing action above water from these pikes and bass (as well as muskies), I wasted no time in getting into topwater fishing. During my fishing trips, I topwater almost 100% of the time. The excitement of getting a strike on a soft or hard topwater bait is phenomenal and the excitement never stops.

Pike Victims

IMG_2407Anyone who’s used Ribbits have probably encountered instances where you get a topwater strike hoping it’s a huge bass, but find out later that it was a pike whom just bit off your soft bait’s leg. Living in central Wisconsin, pikes are common everywhere. It’s not uncommon to catch more pikes than bass in a day’s trip, and it can be annoying when you don’t have leaders on and you lose the hook as well. After awhile, I’ve learned that using one-legged ribbit works almost as well as when the ribbit wasn’t mutilated. So, next time you think about tossing your one-legged ribbit away, remember that the one-legged ribbit is still effective in creating a trail of bubble and sound to attract whatever lies underneath it.

Bronzeye Popper

IMG_1364One of my favorite topwater lure to use is the Spro Bronzeye Popper, which is extremely effective in covered-water as well as open-water. These frogs are reliable as well as built to survive even the strongest attacks from northern pikes. Heavy enough to cast far but sizeable enough for bass to strike, this frog will be a great topwater lure throughout the warm season. Besides the attractive splash this frog makes, its color is also a favorite for bass, whether it’s green, black, red, yellow, or many others. There’s nothing better than seeing a largemouth, regardless of size, smash your frog right before your eyes.

Get Ready For 2016 Bass Fishing Season!

IMG_2362Last year was a great year for bass fishing smallmouths and largemouths. Because I moved for college, I’ll be fishing in the Eau Claire, WI and Menomonie, WI area. I’ve explored the city constantly and the lakes and rivers that they have looks like an excellent habitat for bass to live in. I don’t know what is out there, but I’ll find out when the season starts.