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Fly Fishing On The Rise

Whether on shore, wading in creeks or rivers, or on a kayak, fly fishing is the ultimate test of using a rod. After you are  able to manually cast, set the hook, and maintain consistent drag on a fly rod, using other rods, such… Continue Reading “Fly Fishing On The Rise”

Another Day In Paradise

Great scenery, calm water, and nature’s whisper: just some of the many pros of kayak fishing through a creek. Besides these amazing factors of creek fishing, creeks are home to some of WI’s most ferocious predators such as bass, pikes, muskies, otter, snapping turtles, and eagles.… Continue Reading “Another Day In Paradise”

Taking A Walk With My…Kayak?

STUCK? No problem! One of the many reasons why I love kayak fishing is being able to squeeze through shallow creeks to get to the fishes. Although there is definitely more work put into transporting, the cool, running water by your legs makes you feel like… Continue Reading “Taking A Walk With My…Kayak?”

Bass Opening Season!

Four hours kayak fishing Friday, ten hours fishing Saturday, and three hours fishing Sunday. It has been a great start to bass fishing this year. From the adrenaline-pumping, shallow rapids in the river to the calm, deep waters of the lake, fishing for both… Continue Reading “Bass Opening Season!”

Trout Paradise

The best part I love about trout fishing is you know exactly where they are once the flies are out. While I was out today, trouts were feeding throughout the pond on flies hovering above the water. The best part was not fishing for… Continue Reading “Trout Paradise”

“Livetarget” Bluegill Or “Alivetarget” Bluegill?

To see how accurate Livetarget’s sunfish are, I compared the hollow topwater to a bluegill. The similarities, besides the color, of scale patterns, gills, and tails are pretty accurate. Imitating a dying panfish, the topwater lure is great for panfish-inhabited water. Bass, pikes, and… Continue Reading ““Livetarget” Bluegill Or “Alivetarget” Bluegill?”

Crappie Season!

Before bass season starts, why not cast a few and catch some crappies? The shores of Lake Menomin are great spawning areas for crappies and many other panfishes. As the weather gets warmer towards mid-spring, crappies start swimming away from the deep-end of the… Continue Reading “Crappie Season!”

Hibernation is Over!

Snows are all melted, water temperature is rising, and fishes are starting to actively feed. I have already seen many kayakers, as well as boats, out on the lakes and rivers catching panfishes as well as walleyes. Although bass aren’t moving towards shore feeding and breeding… Continue Reading “Hibernation is Over!”

Snows Are Melting!

Snows have been slowly melting throughout the week as the weather rises to 40 degrees and above. Small, icey creeks and rivers are starting to thaw into beautiful streams of water for creek chubs, minnows, trout, and bass to return. Just a couple more weeks… Continue Reading “Snows Are Melting!”

Topwater Lures

I began using topwater lures in 2014 when I was introduced to it by a friend. My first catch on a topwater lure, Heddon Torpedo, was a pike. After seeing the amazing action above water from these pikes and bass (as well as muskies), I… Continue Reading “Topwater Lures”