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Meet Small Craft Outfitters!

Over the few years that I’ve lived here in Midwestern WI, I’ve had the opportunity to meet fellow kayakers, anglers, and kayak anglers. Someone whom I’ve met not long ago is a fellow kayak angler named Tyler Thiede. He and I have both shared… Continue Reading “Meet Small Craft Outfitters!”

2016: An Odyssey To Remember

2016. My kayak and I moved into a small town, awaiting to explore what the many lakes and rivers will bring to us. I was new to Midwestern Wisconsin and was unfamiliar with the bodies of water in this area. However, I met many… Continue Reading “2016: An Odyssey To Remember”

FeelFree Lure Kayak Demo

Over this weekend, I had the chance to demo one of the best fishing kayaks in the market: a FeelFree Lure 11.5′ kayak. As a sit-in kayak angler, this was a rather new transition from one kayak to another. Sadly, compared to the sit-in… Continue Reading “FeelFree Lure Kayak Demo”

Fall Fever

Although the Summer season has come to a halt, the Fall season has been doing wonders for me. My fishing technique has changed from topwater to underwater, but that doesn’t stop the action from below the surface. I was introduced to spinnerbait by Tyler Thiede,… Continue Reading “Fall Fever”

Topwater Obsession

Every angler has their own preferred fishing technique that they use when fishing for bass, pikes, muskies, panfishes, and more. I have used multiple fishing method from jigging, worms, spinner, and crank, but my favorite technique thus far, as seen from my catches, is… Continue Reading “Topwater Obsession”

When Pike Attack

On a new lake, it’s always a mystery to what you’ll be catching. Although you may be targeting bass, there may be occasions where a pike will covertly stalk your lure and pounce when you least expect it. Pikes share similar environment as bass, whether in rivers… Continue Reading “When Pike Attack”

New Personal Best! 20.5″

Off a Persuader Three Blade Buzzbait, this approximately 20.5″ largemouth slams the lure with so much strength that, for a few seconds, my rod bent down, rocking my kayak back and forth. Feeling a burst of acceleration after seeing the monster surface and wrestle the water, I… Continue Reading “New Personal Best! 20.5″”

Bass fishing: Rivers vs Lakes

  Smallmouth and largemouth bass are two species that don’t commonly share the same environment. In rivers, where the body of water is constantly moving into a larger body of water (such as a lake or river), it is typically inhabited with smallmouth, who… Continue Reading “Bass fishing: Rivers vs Lakes”

Bat Caught On Lines: Rescued!

While floating down the Red Cedar River today in western WI, I noticed a bat tied up in some thick, fluorocarbon fishing line. As you may be aware of, fluorocarbon can really be a mess when tangled together (trust me, I’ve had a bird’s… Continue Reading “Bat Caught On Lines: Rescued!”

Frogging Technique

Frogging is a topwater skill that may be extremely difficult for others, yet satisfying once the bass is hooked. As a frog user, I know the frustration of setting the hook a tad too late or too early. Throughout the years while frogging on… Continue Reading “Frogging Technique”