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Through the Lens: Multi-Day Excursion on the Chippewa Flowage and More!

Table of Content Introduction “Traveling; it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battuta Although my traveling is miniscule compared to Ibn Battuta, an Afro-Eurasia explorer, There is a story – whether short or long – to share and reminisce about.… Continue Reading “Through the Lens: Multi-Day Excursion on the Chippewa Flowage and More!”

8-Day Camping [And Kayak Fishing] along WI/MN Boundary Waters

I’ve returned home from a recent 8-day camping trip along the Mississippi River between WI/MN borders and what a fun-filled journey that has been. The fishery, the wildlife, the peace: all exuding right here in Wisconsin. This article will break down my trip into… Continue Reading “8-Day Camping [And Kayak Fishing] along WI/MN Boundary Waters”

My first kayak camping experience:

Tyler Thiede of Small Craft Fisherman and I have long wanted to do a multi-day kayak camping excursion on the MS river. This year, we had the opportunity to float a stretch on Pool 4 from Maiden Rock, WI to Pepin, WI. After weeks… Continue Reading “My first kayak camping experience:”

Kayak Fishing FAQ: Should I get a sit-inside or sit-on-top fishing kayak?

IT DEPENDS ON YOU, but you will quickly learn that your first fishing kayak purchase will not be your last. This article will give you a brief comparison between a sit-inside and a sit-on-top kayak and what is most preferred for kayak fishing. Keep… Continue Reading “Kayak Fishing FAQ: Should I get a sit-inside or sit-on-top fishing kayak?”

My Upcoming 2020 Fishing Season with Feelfree: Promoting Passion

I joined the Feelfree Kayak Fishing Team in July 2017 with the intent of promoting what I passionately love doing and using. Every year since then have been an accumulation of knowledge on the Feelfree products and services, and meeting some of the most… Continue Reading “My Upcoming 2020 Fishing Season with Feelfree: Promoting Passion”

Building My First Kayak Trailer

Before continuing, I’d like to thank Tyler Thiede of Small Craft Outfitters and Small Craft Fisherman for his help and assistance with transforming the utility trailer to a kayak trailer. Much, much appreciated. Prior to purchasing a trailer, I spent hours researching various trailers’… Continue Reading “Building My First Kayak Trailer”

✔ Kayak Fishing Checklist ✔

Those who knows me knows that I’m very forgetful. Don’t be bothered if I ask for your name again the second time (or the third time, or fourth). I’ve forgotten paddles, life jackets, fishing poles, and much more; all things that forces me to return… Continue Reading “✔ Kayak Fishing Checklist ✔”

Why I Wear A Life Jacket…

NOTE: I’m sharing my thoughts on life jackets with the kayak fishing/kayaking community. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below this article! The subject on life jackets and whether small craft anglers should wear it or not becomes a very sensitive… Continue Reading “Why I Wear A Life Jacket…”

Turning a Predicament Into a Lesson

I seldom encounter fallen trees when river floating as I’m usually proactive by overlooking ahead. This footage occurred while paddling down a small river in central WI that my camera caught throughout maneuvering through the obstacle. Do watch and always remember to stay calm… Continue Reading “Turning a Predicament Into a Lesson”

Kayak Fishing Competency: Knowing Before Going

There’s no doubt that kayaking is becoming a more adopted water sport in the U.S. This, however, means that the community needs to be proactive in recognizing their surroundings and environment before heading out. The United States Coast Guard USCG’s annual boating fatality report… Continue Reading “Kayak Fishing Competency: Knowing Before Going”