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Photo courtesy of Tyler Thiede from Small Craft Outfitters

When I first started fishing, I was not into smallmouth nor largemouth bass fishing at all. I started fishing with my dad every weekend when I was 10 years old catching white bass. A few years later, I was introduced to bass fishing for smallmouths and largemouths. I was an amateur and started discovering new, artificial baits and lures that I could use repetitively (unless, of course, snagged). I really got into bass fishing in 2014, where I bought my first casting rod.

I’m a devoted topwater angler who uses a wide variety of frogs, buzzbaits, poppers, fly lures, propbaits, and much more. The joy of experiencing a bass/pike/muskie slam the lure is breathtaking as well as an adrenaline-rush. In the near future, after a couple years of topwater experience, I will be doing current reviews and trends on new, hot topwater lures in the market. This is the start of a passion.

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