My Upcoming 2020 Fishing Season with Feelfree: Promoting Passion

I joined the Feelfree Kayak Fishing Team in July 2017 with the intent of promoting what I passionately love doing and using. Every year since then have been an accumulation of knowledge on the Feelfree products and services, and meeting some of the most dedicated kayak anglers who share the same passion.

As the 2020 fishing season approaches, I will be continuing my kayak fishing journey with the Feelfree Kayak Fishing Team. A few reasons why my interest and passion with Feelfree persists is their innovation, affordability, customer service, and the Wheel in the Keel feature on their kayaks.

INNOVATION. A stagnant business is a dying business. Feelfree’s R&D team has done amazingly well in developing products that creates convenience for its customers. Feelfree has introduced new and/or improved products to their product line. 2017 was the Overdrive unit; 2018 was the Feelfree Dorado; 2019 was the Feelfree Moken 12.5 V2, other V2s, and the Feelfree Summer Slam event. I, along with the other team members, are eager to see what awaits the Feelfree community come 2020 and the future!

AFFORDABILITY. Have I known about the Feelfree kayaks when I first got into kayak fishing in 2015, I would have purchased one of these for myself. Feelfree carries 21+ kayaks ranging from $400 to $2500. For $600, one could get the Feelfree Moken 10′ V2 with adjustable seat and rudder ready, features that are redefining the kayak fishing industry. For an additional $300, one could get the Feelfree Lure 10′ V2 equipped with the patented Gravity Seat, an extremely stable platform, removable pod, and rudder ready! For an additionally $200+, one can get the Lure 11′, Tandem, or Dorado, all that can be retrofitted and equipped with the Overdrive system. The point is, Feelfree has enhanced their products to improve the “Feelfree experience” by providing each kayak angler with a variety of kayak selection for all types of waterways.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I can attest through other Feelfree forums and myself that Feelfree has one of the best customer service in the market. Coming from a manufacturer that has a core focus in customer care, Feelfree has demonstrated their dedication to ensuring all customers are taken care of. For a business that creates products for customers to refrain from technology, Feelfree has really embraced all platforms of telecommunication to actively engage with its consumer. I have contacted Feelfree on multiple occasions via emails and phone calls and their response time has always been within reasonable time. Emails have been within 24 work hours and phone calls [during their work hours] are usually immediate. Feelfree has built great trust with their consumers and will do what they can to get their customers back on the water so that they can “feel free.”

WHEEL IN THE KEEL. Feelfree’s patented Wheel in the Keel is one of the most unique feature that sets itself apart from other competitors. The wheel has made dragging kayaks to and from the water many times easier, and less scratches to the kayak’s keel. I have tried using kayak carts for my Feelfree kayaks, but none is as convenient as the built-in wheel. One primal reason why I purchased a Feelfree kayak was because of the Wheel in the Keel. This innovative feature has made portability simpler and quicker.

I am eager to see what awaits me in 2020. Subscribe to this blog to read future articles. Connect through my social media links @cxfishing to see regular activities of my fishing activity come this season! And don’t forget to check out Feelfree’s online store for limited-time discounts and sales on kayaks, accessories, storage, and merchandise! If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to reach out to me. Have a great season!

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