Building My First Kayak Trailer

Before continuing, I’d like to thank Tyler Thiede of Small Craft Outfitters and Small Craft Fisherman for his help and assistance with transforming the utility trailer to a kayak trailer. Much, much appreciated.

Prior to purchasing a trailer, I spent hours researching various trailers’ sizes, weight, material, and brand to see the best fit for me. I was looking for a trailer that could transport at least two kayaks. There were a ton in the market, new and used. However, the prices of new trailers exceeded my budget; and the used trailers did not meet my expectations. Upon my search for a trailer, I spoke with Tyler and he steered me towards the Harbor Freight 1090 lbs. Capacity 40-1/2 in x 48 in Utility Trailer, which was at a discount at the time of purchase for about $260. I spent a good amount of time reading reviews for this trailer, both positive and negative feedback, and contemplated on purchase. Based on Tyler’s recommendation, I made the purchase for that trailer; it did come disassembled so I spent a good week assembling the utility trailer. Looking back now, I was glad to have assembled this trailer to better understand the ins and outs of it in case any issue arises. If you have the time and capacity to assemble your own trailer, I would recommend it!

The trailer jack was purchased separately knowing I’d be physically moving the trailer in and out of my garage. The U-bolt spare tire carrier and spare tire were also purchased separately as well. Also, based on Tyler’s recommendation and past experience, the Bearing Buddy was also purchased for continuous grease application onto wheel bearing.

Upon completion of assembling and wiring the utility trailer, it was time to transform it into a kayak trailer. I only had one minor issue which might have occurred during assembling, but one of the side markers went out. Not a big issue as it was easily troubleshooted. I have no experience with building a trailer, so I reached out to Tyler for the help. Below are a list of supplies used to construct the kayak trailer:

I used this trailer throughout the 2019 season and had minimmal issues. I have driven on rough roads and gravels and there are the occasional bump from lesser weight, but nothing dramatic. On highways, I was able to go at a constant 70 mph for 200 miles (longest travel so far on trailer). Overall, I have put in a near 2,500 miles on the trailer in 2019. This purchase that I made was a great addition to my kayak fishing voyage. I will continue to use this trailer throughout 2020 as I do more traveling in state.

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