✔ Kayak Fishing Checklist ✔

Those who knows me knows that I’m very forgetful. Don’t be bothered if I ask for your name again the second time (or the third time, or fourth). I’ve forgotten paddles, life jackets, fishing poles, and much more; all things that forces me to return back home and contemplate returning or relocating to lakes/rivers closer to home. Because of this very reason, I’ve created a checklist to do the night before so I don’t rush myself the next morning before heading out. Since using this checklist, I’ve saved so much gas! All kidding aside, I would much rather be overprepared for a kayak fishing trip than underprepared.

Below is a simple list of gears and supplies I prepare the night before for my fishing trips. Most of my kayak fishing trips are 6+ hours long and I’ve been on enough trips to know exactly what’s needed based on water location, water condition, water terrain, weather condition, and time. It may seem like I’m being too excessive with my list, but these supplies fall under three categories that I keep in mind when packing: (1) recreational, (2) internal safety (safety of myself), and (3) external safety (safety of others).

––FOR THE KAYAK      ––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Paddle w/ leash
Life jacket w/ whistle in pocket
GoPro w/ cable charger
2x external charging bank
2x 64 gb micro sd
Crate bag (lures, fish grip, scale, first aid, license)
Ketch board
Dry bag
Towline (store in hull)
Kayak cart (C-tug)
––FOR MYSELF      ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
Spare clothes (store in hull)
Face mask
Eyeglass clip-on cord
Sun screen
Bug spray
Toilet paper

After viewing my kayak fishing checklist, what do you normally pack on your paddle craft fishing trip? I’d love to read about it! Comment below.

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