Turning a Predicament Into a Lesson

I seldom encounter fallen trees when river floating as I’m usually proactive by overlooking ahead. This footage occurred while paddling down a small river in central WI that my camera caught throughout maneuvering through the obstacle. Do watch and always remember to stay calm during these situations.

Tips & Tricks from video TEXT:

NOTE: This accident was unintentional as I underestimated the river current. Water level during this stretch was 1-2′. I could’ve easily gotten off, but decided to demonstrate the process of escaping an entrenchment.

Grab any gear extending vertically from your vessel and lay them as low as possible from branches.

Maintain self-control of your vessel.

Add weight towards the branches to maintain a balanced vessel. DO NOT lean towards the current.

Ensure all gears are untangled from branches. Check both the front and back of vessel.

Slowly inch forward, maintaining balance while being aware  of current and surrounding.

Maneuver through the obstacle by utilizing branches for balance. Now is not the time to be afraid of creepy crawlies.

Double-check your vessel to make sure all items are recovered. The aforementioned procedure on checking your gear is to assure that you won’t have to paddle upstream to retrieve them.

When it comes to predicaments like this, it is best to refrain from negative thoughts. Be proactive and ready to escape any situations coming your way.

Remember, never underestimate the current and depth of water. What may seem shallow now may have a steep drop-off in a couple feet. Utilize your surrounding to escape soundly.

Thanks for watching and paddle on!

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