Meet Small Craft Outfitters!

Tyler Thiede, Stacy Thiede, and their son amongst Feelfree Lures and Feelfree Moken.

Over the few years that I’ve lived here in Midwestern WI, I’ve had the opportunity to meet fellow kayakers, anglers, and kayak anglers. Someone whom I’ve met not long ago is a fellow kayak angler named Tyler Thiede. He and I have both shared fishing lures, techniques, and stories that have built our friendship. Starting off 2017, Tyler’s passion drove him to become licensed in kayak guiding service, who soon established Small Craft Outfitters with his wife, Stacy Thiede. I was fortunate enough to be joining him in kayaking and kayak fishing guide as the service rolls along. Specializing in Feelfree fishing and recreational kayaks, Tyler provides some of the most reliable kayak brand in the market along with other brands in the market of kayaking gear, fishing lure, rods and reels, and scent (see all the partnered products HERE). Experienced in recreational kayak and kayak fishing, Tyler offers some of the best kayaking and fishing tips for beginners and novice learners as well as introduction to relevant products. Do visit his site for more information if interested in booking a kayak fishing trip with him, or us. Safe fishing!

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