FeelFree Lure Kayak Demo

Photo taken by Tyler Thiede

Over this weekend, I had the chance to demo one of the best fishing kayaks in the market: a FeelFree Lure 11.5′ kayak. As a sit-in kayak angler, this was a rather new transition from one kayak to another. Sadly, compared to the sit-in kayak that I own now, the FeelFree was heavier and slower. However, these problems didn’t bother me one bit because the FeelFree was way more stable, comfortable seat, customizable, more storage and room to move around (literally), and getting in and off. Overall, the FeelFree Lure was more reliable and safe. I took the kayak out onto the middle of Lake Wissota, in midwestern WI, and had no hesitation in flipping or falling over. I was even confident enough to stand and test the stability of the kayak above the hyperthermic water, which is probably one of the most significant feature I search for in a kayak. After enclosing myself in a sit-in and not being able to stand and fish for years, being able to do this on a FeelFree Lure made kayak fishing way more enjoyable. I do enjoy a sit-in when fishing, but there were many limitations that I found that were totally disregarded on a FeelFree Lure. It will be hard to get back into a sit-in kayak, but I think I’m convinced in getting a FeelFree Lure for next year. A great thank you to Tyler Thiede, a FeelFree Lure kayak angler and blogger @ www.smallcraftfisherman.com, for allowing me to demo one of the FeelFree Lure kayak.


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