Topwater Obsession

img_5620Every angler has their own preferred fishing technique that they use when fishing for bass, pikes, muskies, panfishes, and more. I have used multiple fishing method from jigging, worms, spinner, and crank, but my favorite technique thus far, as seen from my catches, is topwater fishing. Whether I’m using a frog, spook, wakebait, or buzzbait, the action above the water when the fish slams it is extremely breathtaking and stunning. Although I do get sore from the constant reeling and twitching of the rod, I can’t be complaining when the result of topwater is being able to see the bass or pike slam the lure. Throughout the years of using topwater, there are a couple rules that you should follow to fully understand the use of topwater:

  1. Topwater fishing is used more for areas where it’s shallow, where fishes at the bottom of the water can see the ripples  and splashes above them, which triggers them to respond to that lure as food. Topwater fishing in deep water would be difficult as the fish will not occasionally stay near the surface.
  2. Topwater fishing is great when you know when to use. For example, in places with lilypads, frogs would be recommended as that is their natural habitat. Bass or pikes prey on frogs in lilypads, making the frog lure a perfect “dummy” in catching them. In areas where it’s louder from wave crashes and boat motors, buzzbait would be great as this lure creates a wake and a buzz that will trigger nearby bass and pikes to respond.
  3. The size of the topwater lure definitely matters. Using a bigger topwater lure will eliminate catching smaller bass, or “dinks,” and will attract the bigger predator. For buzzbait, I’ve been selecting the 1/2 oz size, which are relatively bigger and seems to be pulling out big bass as well as some smaller bass who thinks they are a match.
  4. Depending on the environment, bass will either chase the topwater lure, wait for it to pass above them, or do nothing (some are lazy!). Most buzzbait are fast retrieve lure because of the constant reeling to keep the buzzbait surface and buzzing. Yet, buzzbait’s wake and noise do attract the hungry bass and pike and create giant blowups and aggression. Most frogs and buoyant lure, like a whopper plopper or hollow wakebait and spook, are slow retrieve used to get those lazy bass and pikes that wants an easy meal.

Topwater fishing is a great obsession of mine that I’ve convinced myself to love and be passionate doing. As the season comes to a close with colder water and heavy rainfall, the start of next year will be a great opportunity to grow on the knowledge of topwater fishing.

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