When Pike Attack

IMG_5543On a new lake, it’s always a mystery to what you’ll be catching. Although you may be targeting bass, there may be occasions where a pike will covertly stalk your lure and pounce when you least expect it. Pikes share similar environment as bass, whether in rivers or lakes. They are more aggressive and more willing to strike on a lure more than once. As a pike victim myself, I’ve hooked enough of them to know whether I’ve hooked a bass or pike. As stated earlier, pikes are more aggressive and will pull drag, especially a decent sized pike. Although not as aggressive as musky, pikes do fight for a fairly long time and even flailing when you least expect them to. With their sharp, pointy, sandpaper teeth, it is highly recommended to have a gripper and pliers to extract the lure.

Pikes are great for a casual day fishing especially with topwater as the blowups are insane. During tournament day, they may be a bugger as they are capable to easily snap lines. Pikes are native to WI and I’ve learned to be cautious when fishing for them. They’re extremely competent and show no mercy against other predatory and prey fish.

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