Frogging Technique

IMG_3715Frogging is a topwater skill that may be extremely difficult for others, yet satisfying once the bass is hooked. As a frog user, I know the frustration of setting the hook a tad too late or too early. Throughout the years while frogging on shore and kayak, I’ve learned that there are multiple ways to use a frog whether it is twitching with pauses, popping with pauses, continuous twitching, or walking the frog. The habitat definitely matters to the bass; in thick-covered mats, I usually continuously pop the frog to create that irresistible sound for the bass. Also, as a tip recommended by a friend of mine, I trim off 1/2″ off the tail of the frog as well. You may realize that many bass strike the tail and not the frog itself. The tail is an attractant to many frogs and trimming the tail closer to the hook will definitely improve the hook ratio. Although I still do miss some bass (huge ones also) on frog, I never give up on using them. I always have a pole rigged with a frog for the opportunity to cast into the mats and pull out a hog.

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