Topwater Lures

IMG_2294I began using topwater lures in 2014 when I was introduced to it by a friend. My first catch on a topwater lure, Heddon Torpedo, was a pike. After seeing the amazing action above water from these pikes and bass (as well as muskies), I wasted no time in getting into topwater fishing. During my fishing trips, I topwater almost 100% of the time. The excitement of getting a strike on a soft or hard topwater bait is phenomenal and the excitement never stops.

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  1. You store your frogs in an egg carton?! That is GENIUS once again love your work!

    • Much appreciated Ryan! I store the lures in egg carton especially to save storage on my tackle boxes and to simply grab the ones I want to use without the hassle of hook tangling when they’re grouped together.

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