2015 Fishing Adventure

2015 was a great year for bass fishing throughout the season in and around Wausau, WI. From creeks to lilypad-covered lakes to rivers, smallmouth and largemouth bass were actively aggressive.

The highlight of 2015 was during late summer when I was fishing on the Big Rib River stretch from Marathon City, WI to Wausau, WI. This stretch was a small river about 75-100 feet wide, not too shallow and not too deep, which inhabited dozens of aggressive smallmouths, as well as muskies and northern pikes. After 10 hours of fishing this stretch and catching bass, pikes, and muskies, I did not want to leave the water. I used topwater lures all day and the result were satisfying. Although it was a long fishing trip, I enjoyed every minute of it with no regret. I can’t wait to return and fish on the river once again.